Monday, February 22, 2016

Revolutionary Cavity Treatment Now Available

We are very excited to introduce a new treatment for tooth decay called  Advantage Arrest™. 
This procedure was recently highlighted on WBAL TV and here is a link to the story.... 
Imagine treating decay effectively without needing a filling at all.
This treatment has been available in Europe for many years and just recently got FDA approval for use in the United States. This remarkable treatment can stop decay in teeth and allows the cavity to heal where many times no filling will be needed at all. When an early decay is detected in a tooth the topical solution is applied for just a minute. It rapidly kills the bacteria that caused the cavity and applies a strong dose of fluoride to start the healing process. The treatment may need to be repeated every six months for up to two years. It is ideal for treating the early decay we find with the Diagnodent laser decay detector and our digital, high resolution x-rays. This procedure can be used at all ages and can be ideal for baby teeth in young children. We at the Baltimore Center for Laser Dentistry have always been committed to using the least invasive procedures when treating dental problems and Advantage Arrest is basically non-invasive. The only disadvantages  are that the decay turns dark so it is contraindicated in esthetic areas and larger cavities still need fillings in adult teeth. 
Early diagnosis and treatment is the key...allowing you to keep healthy teeth that last a lifetime. Call us at 410-789-4999 today!