Monday, September 15, 2008

Treat Decay with a Mouth Rinse

I have been dispensing the CariFree products in my office for a few years. They consist of a series of products designed to help reduce the level of harmful bacteria in your mouth. These products also raise the pH in your mouth (make it less acidic). Decay is caused by an infection of tooth structure by a bacteria strep mutans and a few other species. Bacteria digest the sugar in your diet into acids which literally dissolve away the calcium in your teeth.The CaiFree system is so effective because it is based on the latest research regarding the role of bacteria, acid, and dry mouth on tooth decay.
Fortunately the CariFree company has made their products available online and offer a discount when referred by CariFree dentist. I highly recommend visiting the CariFree Website and you can receive a discount each and every time you order by using the referral code POH5797.