Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Amorphous Calcium Phosphate

ACP or Amorphous Calcium Phosphate is a substance which can actually heal damaged enamel. When teeth decay they lose calcium when bacteria produce acid. This is a crucial part of the infection that is tooth decay process. The softer, decalcified tooth substance is a perfect home for these nasty bacteria. Eventually the weakened enamle collapses and becomes the whole in a tooth we think of as a cavity.
Fortunately, early dacay is reversible. By increasing fluoride and bioavailable calcium and reducing carbohydrate intake frequency teeth will absorb more calcium and heal themselves. ACP is such a breakthrough because it contains a form of calcium that can actually be absorbed by enamel.
ACP is available in over the counter and dentist dispensed products, even chewing gums. Look for and use this product..when paired wit fluoride i can make your teeth stronger and even improve their appearance.