Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dual Wavelength Periodontal Laser Surgery

Traditional periodontal surgery is a tried and true technique for controlling advanced gum disease. Unfortunately, this type of procedure necessitates the use of scalpels, sutures, and periodontal packing and can be quite painful afterwards. Dual wavelength periodontal laser surgery treats gum disease effectively with far less postoperative discomfort and is scalpel and suture free. Though still considered surgery, it is a far less invasive procedure which yields faster recovery, less pain, and costs less than traditional techniques.

The "dual wavelength" technique uses two proven laser wavelength technologies that have been used for periodontal treatments for over twenty years: Er:YAG and Nd:YAG. Both wavelengths are safe and effective yet alone they have different advantages and disadvantages. By combining these two wavelengths patients receive the benefits of both lasers. We have been using this combined approach since 2008 and the results have been excellent.

Laser Periodontal Surgery Traditional Periodontal Surgery
Two surgical appointments Four surgical appointments
Scalpel free Scalpel
No sutures Sutures
Periodontal pack not needed Periodontal pack sometimes placed
Minimal postop pain Postop pain moderate or more
No return visit for suture/pack Need return visits for suture/pack 
removal removal
Lower cost Higher cost

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