Thursday, September 22, 2011

Athletic Mouth Guards Protect Teeth and Your Brain Too!

No Mouthpiece Led to Vick's Injury?

Research has shown that a properly fitted athletic mouth guard not only protects your teeth and jaws from injury, but help prevent concussions as well. Many concussions are due to the lower jawbone slamming into the base of the skull during contact. Even the best helmets don't protect from this type of injury. A mouth guard helps cushion these lower jaw blows and help reduce the risk of concussion.

Digital Impressions for comfort and accuracy

We have recently added some really cool technology to the office. The 3M Lava COS digital impression device makes crown and bridge impressions much more comfortable. Instead of gooey impression material this machine takes a digital 3D image of the teeth. These digital impressions are highly accurate and result in better fitting crowns and bridges.