Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Laser up and Running

I recently traded in my Waterlase MD dental laser for a new Lares Powerlase. I have been happily practicing laser dentistry since 2004, but now am loving it even more. The main advantage to the Powerlase is that it is faster than the Waterlase when treating teeth for fillings, yet paradoxically even more comfortable for the patient. Most fillings can be performed with no numbing at all so no needles, puffy lips, or funny talking after dental appointments. It is also two lasers in one (known as Er:Yag and ND:Yag). The Erbium(Er:Yag) laser is used to prepare teeth, remove bone during periodontal and oral surgery, and can be used for soft tissue surgeries as well. The Nd:Yag laser is for soft tissue only and is used to do scalpel free periodontal surgery, biopsies, gingivectomies, and the like. Both lasers when used for surgery result in more rapid healing with significantly reduced post operative discomfort. This is a great machine resulting in both better dentistry and more comfort for the patient.