Tuesday, December 8, 2015

20 mistakes that ruin your teeth

Here is an excellent blog post about things to avoid that can damage your teeth.

Here's the list.........

Multitasking while you brush
Over-cleaning your toothbrush
Using social media as your dentist
Avoiding x-rays
Storing your wet toothbrush in a travel case
Hanging on to that tongue or lip piercing
Drinking apple cider vinegar
Ditching your retainer
Brushing right after your morning OJ
Ignoring your daily (or nightly) grind
Reaching for a toothpick
Skipping dentist appointments
Going overboard with whitening products
Not drinking enough water
Skimping on calcium and vitamin D
Getting addicted to juicing
Reaching for the wrong mouth rinse
Using a brush that's too hard
Drinking soft drink - even the diet stuff

If you are unsure how best to care for your teeth and gums or its been 6 months or more since your last dental check or hygiene visit then call us to make your appointment for a full mouth health assessment. We will inform you and show you exactly what is going on in your mouth and how best to manage or treat any conditions you may have and prevent you having major problems down the track.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Diabetes and Oral Health

A recent study has confirmed what prior research has shown and wet gloved dentists have known for a long time. Diabetes increases the risk of tooth loss. Diabetics are more prone to periodontal disease and dental decay. The American Diabetes Association has long recommended that physicians refer diabetics to the dentist along with the podiatrist and ophthalmologist. Unfortunately, most medical doctors only refer the eye and foot doctors. This is unfortunate because not only does diabetes affect oral health.....poor oral health effects diabetes as well. There is a proven correlation between untreated periodontal conditions and elevated blood sugar.
Check out this excellent article that spells out the need for dental care for diabetics.

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